Monday, 12 December 2011



Unbelievable how time's flew; it's out on Friday!!! My excitement is, honestly, indescribable!

Sorry that I haven't blogged recently but who watched or better still, went to the premiere? I watched the first half hour of the red carpet arrivals on the live stream of the Game Of Shadows Facebook Page: 'GameOfShadowsUK' Jude Law was soooo hot even with his silly hat and beard.

This sounds so lame but I really have no idea what to write about and I've got such a bad pain in my arm which it makes it EXCEEDINGLY difficult to type; don't know how i'm going to manage playing netball tomorrow!:/

ANYWAY, i may blog before Friday but if I don't, I hope that all of you fellow die-hard Sherlock Holmes fans adore it which I'm sure we all will seeing as i've been counting down for over 200 days! Ridiculous? I know;) Just shows how much I love Jude;D

OH and hope you all liked Contagion with Dr. Law;) and have been going to watch Hugo with Daddy Law:L

Anyway, catch y'all later!

Cait aka Jude Law's BIGGEST fan;D

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