Friday, 19 August 2011


Hello fellow Judians! Yes, I'm back and more hyped up about Sherlock Holmes 2 than before!:D I would inform you on how many days it is until the premiere but i count down the days on an app on my iPod and I have temporarily misplaced my iPod but i will tell you as soon as I know! Anyway, off the topic of Sherlock Holmes, what do you make of this phone hacking scandal? i think that they should lock up anyone that may have had any sort of participation in it! I feel so sorry for Jude for getting his phone hacked but most of all for Millie Dowler's family, it was absolutely dreadful what happened:( anyway on a more lighter note, Jude has increased ticket sales for his new theatre performance in London's Donmar Warehouse by 295%! Absolutely amazing! That just goes to show how much love there is out there for Mr. Law!:L The Director of Viagogo UK Ed Parkinson said that: "The critics' glowing reviews of Jude Law has arguably cemented the play as the hottest theatre ticket of the year." Get in there Jude! So if you're up near London some time, go and see it! Anyway, that's enough of me rambling today. This is Cait signing off, ciao!